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When Antiques Roadshow came to Cincinnati, it was a fabulous experience for me standing in line seeing other peoples’ treasures and hearing the stories behind them. Many items elicited a strong, emotional bond because of documented ties to an historical figure, event, or culture. Over the years viewers have learned by watching Antiques Roadshow that an item’s provenance can astronomically affect its dollar value.

Likewise, the provenance of your organization can help build your brand. Use your organization’s stories to capitalize on this. To do this, think about what has guided your company in terms of authenticity and unique qualities. Begin gathering information related to it. Consider company values and relationships:

  • What does your organization’s culture stand for—beyond the specific services you offer clients?
  • Are you capturing moments of pride that future employees and clients will connect with?
  • Do you partner with other brands that have the same values?
  • Are you involved in the community to lend a helping hand?
  • Are you capturing employees’ stories of their passion for their work?
  • Are you documenting the times you went above and beyond for a client despite the cost to your company?

Using this material can help you form emotional ties between your employees/clients and your brand, and that can lead to cherished, loyal relationships with financial benefits. A company’s story has the power to resonate, just like the stories did that I heard when I was in line at Antiques Roadshow. They had the ability to turn a mundane object into something with significant value. Leverage your company’s stories to add meaning and value to your product or service.

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