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Have you ever been asked to email a photo to your organization’s marketing team? Were you also asked to send them a high-resolution photo?

How do you share your awesome photo on your mobile phone at the quality level that the marketing team wants?

Geez, can’t they just grab it off of Facebook, Twitter or the blog you posted the image on?

Many social media platforms, website platforms, and email software will manipulate the quality of your photos to crunch the file size therefore reducing the quality of your image. For certain projects—especially printed pieces—images need to be very high quality. If the photos aren’t high enough resolution they will look bitmapped or blurry when printed.

Whether these personal photos are from study abroad, work experience, research labs, construction sites, or events, sharing high quality photos helps showcase your personal brand in a positive light.

Check out this brief article showing how to email a photo from your phone without losing quality.

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