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Been busy? You may have missed these developments.

Instagram: Multiple images in a post
You can now create a single image Instagram post with a slideshow of 10 images and/or video. Take advantage to tell more of a story within your post with these carousel posts. You also have the ability to tag users on individual slides within the post.

Twitter: More words available in replies
Twitter is removing usernames from reply tweets, instead showing them outside the body of the tweet. That’s a change from the old system, where replying to a tweet required starting your reply with the recipient’s username. Under the new system, these usernames won’t count against the 140-character limit. Don’t spam folks by adding their username to every reply.

Google: Rich cards for online courses
Are you using structured data to promote your online courses? These new search features offer a streamlined view for the user’s device and enhance your content previews. You can see results on a mobile device here in this gallery. The content types that can have rich card features are videos, recipes, movies, reviews, music, local businesses, and articles. Online courses and restaurants have now been added to the list.

Facebook: Future of communication through your skin
Facebook’s Advanced Technology and Projects group folks are working on communicating through new computer-to-brain interfaces. One works off optical-imaging methods. These wireless signals may be used to help the handicapped and in augmented reality input.

The other works off tactile signals. From computer to skin, “acoustic shapes” are communicated to an individual. Here is the video of the experiment. This method may help people communicate despite talking in different languages.