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One of the basics for shooting better photography deals with composition. In the end you are aiming for an image that tells a story, grabs attention or makes your idea come across more quickly to your audience. Keep these tips in mind as you compose your next photos.

1-Shoot with the end use in mind. Do you need room to add text over the photo? Does the photo need to be horizontal for use as a Facebook cover image?
2-Remove unnecessary items from the area where you are taking a photo. Busy backgrounds may distract from your subject.
3-Get closer to your subject before clicking the photo. If you are taking a headshot, you don’t need to shoot the person’s whole body.
4-When shooting two or more people have them stand/sit uncomfortably close. Large gaps between people make for an awkward image.
5-Take your photo from a different angle to tell the right story. Shooting from a particular angle can make your subject seem weak/powerful, hidden/exposed, bigger/smaller.
6-Crop! Once you know where you are using the image, aggressively crop out anything that doesn’t help get your message across.

“To compose a subject well means no more than to see and present it in the strongest manner possible.” – Edward Weston

Get creative and shoot a variety of differently composed photos of the same subject. This will help you see things differently and give you a variety of images to work with for future marketing efforts.

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