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Pair your brand resolutions with action
Instead of pondering how to strengthen your brand once each new year, think of your resolutions each day. Resolve to build an action plan to take at least one daily action to move your brand to the next level. Resolve to make a positive change happen. Here are three easy ways to incorporate this type of thinking into your daily schedule.

1. Look at your recurring brand marketing projects. Instead of making incremental adjustments, think about your approach as if you were starting from scratch today.
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  • What is different about your customers today?
  • What shifts in communication affect your customers users?
  • How has your industry changed?


2. Every marketing manger is trying to do more with less. Streamlining your process can be an advantage. Consider these ideas:
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  • Find a new tool to make your team work together more easily. Many collaboration tools are available, such as Trello or Basecamp.
  • Become more of an expert in the software or web apps you use. Look to online training to fit with your busy schedule. and are two options.


Caveat: Efficiency does not equal effectiveness. However, efficiency may allow you to reallocate money or time to a new strategy that will make your marketing more effective and in turn strengthen your brand.

3. Removing a silo mentality within your organization can help you be an agent of change. Integrated brand communications often require efforts to work with various areas in a company—marketing, sales, IT, public relations, to name a few. How you work together and communicate will definitely affect your online marketing efforts. Collaborate and create a shared vision. Start with a short-term measurable project for your first project together.

Kick apathy out the door! Determine which daily actions will help you become an agent of change and track your efforts in strengthening your brand.

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