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So you got your website up and running and you had Google Analytics put in place. Tracking those site visit numbers and keyword searches sounded great, and you know the monthly reports are out there—somewhere. The question is, what do you do with that data?

Why it is important to understand your data analytics?
Many companies add Google Analytics code to their website, then never look at the data available to them. Excitement generated from the completion of a new website or website redesign quickly moves to other pressing marketing initiatives. A company website is a living document and voice of your brand. Don’t abandon your site and the data it can provide after it launches.

What are your website visitors telling you? Are you listening?
Are you avoiding digital analytics because you are uncertain what it all means? Do you get a report from your web developer or IT team with Google Analytics charts, open the file, and then promptly close the window? Warren Buffet said “If you can’t read the scorecard, you can’t keep score, which means that you can’t tell winners from the losers.” His point? If you don’t understand the language of accounting, then you fail to understand your company’s financial statements. It rings true about data analytics and understanding the winning or losing aspects of your website.

Hits and misses
By avoiding a basic understanding of the data collected, you are missing clues as to what your customers are telling you. The data can reveal where hits and misses may be on your website. For example, the data can help reveal what content engages your website visitors the most and what other channels—such as social media—help drive traffic to your site. It can show if visitors are having trouble signing up to download a white paper and if navigation may be misleading and causing visitors to get lost in your site—or leave it entirely in favor of a more easy-to-navigate site.

Here are a few resources to refresh your knowledge:

We live in a digital world. Harvesting and understanding the digital data of your customers helps you develop more effective marketing strategy and a stronger brand.

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