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Have you thought about creating an experience that your end-user will absolutely love? The article “What every executive needs to know about design” from consulting firm McKinsey & Company is a quick read that boils down the importance of a user-centered approach to business services and products.

Here are points we like:

1. Measure up to your customers’ expectations. Customers’ expectations are continually being raised. Customers have come to expect the best experiences they have with your competitors, as well as with those from other industries. The article cites these examples:

“Some of the dominant trends shaping consumer expectations today are transparency (for example, Uber tells customers how many minutes until the driver arrives), real-time relevance (Google Now4 tells you at 5 PM how long your commute home will be), and connectedness (the Nest thermostat intelligently manages your home’s climate).”

2. Learn more about your customers. Address the pain points for your customers in their decision-making journey.

3. Test, validate concepts, and refine new approaches. Include your customers in testing and pilot phases.

4. Match up your customer needs with your business needs. Use analytics with design-led processes.

Focusing on your end-user desires, needs and experience can lead you to an improved business design that will help keep consumers coming back for more. Check out McKinsey’s full article for more details.

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